3D Printing & Design Lab

UIET, Maharshi Dayanand University Rohtak INDIA


I am presently working on “Process parameters optimization of 3D Printing using hybrid algorithms to enhance the performance of functional parts”.

Er. Sandeep Deswal
Research Scholar
Er. Akash Ahlawat

Fabrication of reinforced filaments to achieve required mechanical properties for engineering applications play a crucial role in sustainable prototyping and 3D printing. I am trying to fabricate reinforced filaments with good performance measure in this area.

ER. Akash Ahlawat
Research Scholar

I am presently working on “Topology and Material Optimization for Developing Patient-Specific Limb Orthosis using 3-D Printing”

ER. Ashwani Kumar
Research Scholar

Reverse Engineering
3D Printed Automobile
3D Printed Octopus
3D Printed Clock
MOI of Area (Tutorial-1)
SF & BM Diagram (Tutorial-6)